Athena Enterprises JSC is founded by a group of professionals (both locals and expatriates) with international experiences in various industries, who are passionate about making a difference and helping people reach their highest potential in order to meet with increasing demand for excellence in the era of knowledge-based economies, and providing high quality standards of products and services to our clients and community.
Our mission is to deliver world-class services through the provision of superb programmes, assessment and analysis.
Why Choose Athena Enterprises?
Athena Enterprises is international in outlook, but retains a local relevance. Our team members gained their knowledge and experience from world renowned universities and multinational organizations in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Our education programmes provide our clients with opportunities to develop lifelong skills, and the content has been created to suit a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills for leaders in the changing world.

We take pride in executing practical and efficient programmes and services that are tailored for each organization's unique needs.
Athena Enterprises operates in the fields of consultation, education, and trading. ​

Athena Consultation helps foreign investors set foot in Vietnam by finding investment opportunities, assisting in feasibility studies, market research, setting up new companies in Vietnam, and coordinating M&A process.

Athena Education provides tailor-made English programmes that aim to prepare high school students and university graduates for studying at universities overseas, and to improve English proficiency for business professionals.

Athena Trading connects buyers and sellers of high-quality agricultural and consumer goods all over the world. We also assist in price negotiation, logistics, quality control, and import-export procedures.